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You are not responsible for your heritage, but you are accountable for your future.       Krish Dhanam

When I was young, my first introduction to Christanity was through the movie "The Robe."  However, I didn't go to church until my first year in college when I met Ethel, a happy out-going woman who took me under her wing.  I accepted the Lord when I was 18 and it was then that I came to know the Jesus the movie referred to!

I am on a journey to make sure the future that's ahead of me honors God.  Because of this I've had the opportunity to serve in various capacities of leadership in AWANA, MOPS, Women's Director, Crista Women's Minstry Board, Event/Retreat speaker, and lived a year in France where I was able to found the first and only MOPS group! This past year, I've been fortunate to
travel back to France to encourage and develop leadership in two different churches.

My goal is to make the world a better place!
Won't you join with me? 

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